The Newbies Guidelines to On Page Optimization

There really is magic in SEO when you are at the top for your keywords and all that lovely traffic is hitting your site. You cannot overlook or dismiss the importance of your on-page factors if you have any hope of seeing your site ranked highly. The more you can learn and know what should be done, each little part plays a role. Nothing is so powerful as the basics, and even the complicated is made from the basics. If you want to know what you can do before going off and learning more, then you need to read this article, today.

All sites have a link structure that is basically internal to the pages, but you can change it up a little to add more SEO firepower. But if you look around, you'll see great examples like Wikipedia that used a strong internal linking structure for SEO advantage. However, you can do this wrong if you are not careful, so link from content that is related to the destination page. Google has a reason for liking this, and it most likely has to do with ease of navigation. You want to do all you can for on-page, so be sure you are using a good site map for all of your sites. You can boost your link structure a little bit with a site map link on all pages, and that is why you will usually see it in the footer section at the bottom. It makes your site more approachable to Google in terms of navigation, plus it gives the search engine spiders a better way to crawl throughout your site without any problems. You can very easily get this done in mere minutes if you have a blog due to the excellent site map generator plugins on the net.

Yes to keyword density, and it is an aspect of on-page that you want to be aware of and get right. Spamming the search engines in one way or another is strictly forbidden. They don't like sites that stuff keywords in their content - so if you don't measure your keyword density, you might get into trouble. There click here are all kinds of opinions when it comes to the best percentage of keywords per page, and some will say about three is fine. Simply use a free keyword density measuring tool online and check your density.

The on page factors of SEO are not difficult to learn or do, but they are a must if you want to get organic traffic. There are never any guarantees with SEO or anything in business, so you have to know what you are doing. You can always find time to make your site better with adjustments here and there.

Trying to game the SEO system is just not worth it because a lot of people are doing that, but they eventually end up back at square one. Whatever you do, don't take on page SEO for granted, and take action on what you learned above and do your best.

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